Wikizone 2100 Wiki

Editing Policy

These are some basic editing guidelines that everyone should follow on Wikizone 2100:

  1. Don't post spam and don't vandalize pages. See Blocking Policy.
  2. Images and videos uploaded to the wiki should comply with the Image Policy and the Video Policy respectively.
  3. Before making a new page, search thoroughly and make sure that a similar page doesn't already exist. For example, a page titled Project should not be created, because there's already a page called The Project on the wiki where the Project can be described in detail. See also: Creating a Redirect
  4. Before publishing edits, always 1) write a brief description of your edit in the Edit Summary window at the upper-right corner of the screen and 2) click "Preview" to make sure the edit looks good.
  5. Use correct spelling and grammar. Don't use vulgar language.
  6. Don't put opinions, rumors, guesses, fanfiction, or anything that is not related to Warzone 2100 on pages. (You could post them on your blogs though.) Only relevant facts.
  7. Write using the third person narrative. Basically, this means don't use words like "I" or "you."
  8. English language only. None of us can moderate what we don't understand. If you want to write pages in a different language, then you may want to go to some other Warzone 2100 wiki that is written in that language, or create one yourself. (We could have such a foreign-language wiki as a partner.)

Mod-Specific Page Editing Policy

Adding content that's relevant to certain mods, including detailed information about certain aspects, components, etc., is allowed, though the following guidelines should be followed, in addition to the basic editing guidelines above:

  1. The page's title MUST contain the name of the mod that the content is relevant to. For example, a page detailing the Machinegun turret found within the Contingency mod should be named something like this: Contingency:Machinegun
  2. Don't use the ordinary categories like Weapons, Bodies, Propulsions, etc. when editing a mod-specific page. Instead, use categories that have the mod's name in them. For example, if adding categories to a page containing information that's relevant to the Contingency mod, use categories like Contingency:Weapons, Contingency:Bodies, Contingency:Propulsions, etc.