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The mod was made by Black Project, a user of the forum of The mod is based in a non-implemented features list. It is an old mod, so there are some changes of the mod implemented in the latest versions of WZ. Two versions were made of the mod, the third version was never made.

What the mod gi sounds changed the demo version one of the game.[]

  • Super gun(Overhauled twin heavy cannon).
  • Super gun emplacement.
  • Tornado flak turret (Twin 80mm air defense cannon).
  • Tornado flak site.
  • Devastator missile (Bunker blaster missile).
  • VTOL devastator missile.
  • Earth Shaker Rocket (Long range SCUD-like rocket artillery).
  • Earth Shaker Rocket emplacement.
  • Dragon's teeth (Improved tank-traps defense, and the Dragon's teeth replaces the normal tank-traps)
  • Propulsion upgrades.
  • Electronic countermeasures (Jammer turret/tower)
  • Ionizing turbine engine(A new tenth engine upgrade)
  • Cyborg/vehicle bonded laminates(A new tenth alloys upgrade)
  • High density base structure materials(A new tenth base structure materials upgrade)
  • VTOL truck, CB spotter, spotter and a VTOL repair unit.
  • Twin heavy cannon(120mm cannon).
  • Twin heavy cannon emplacement.
  • Lancer bunker.
  • Plasma howitzer (NEXUS's incediary artillery of the last Gamma mission).
  • Plasma howitzer emplacement.
  • EMP mortar available to research and mount on vehicles.
  • Cyclone flak turret (replaces the normal flak cannon).
  • Cyclone flak site.
  • Inferno hardpoint.
  • Bunker buster cyborg.
  • Sheraph missile array renamed to angel missile array.
  • Incendiary howitzer renamed to hellfire.
  • Some changes in the commander turret.
  • Machinegun bunker(not the machinegun bunker whit hmg).
  • Machinegun tower (not the machinegun tower whit hmg).
  • Twin machinegun bunker.
  • Twin machinegun tower.
  • Heavy machinegun bunker.
  • Heavy machine gun tower (the tower is made whit concrete, not whit steel)
  • Assault cannon tower.
  • Assault gun tower.
  • Changes in balance.

Plans for the next version of the mod that was never made:[]

  • AI using the new features (weapons, structures, etc.)
  • Jump cyborgs
  • Proximity bomb
  • Proximity superbomb