Wikizone 2100 Wiki

The mod was made by NoQ, a user of the forum. It works in 3.1 and 2.3.9.

What the mode does:[]

  • Victory conditions checks are disabled for spectators.
  • A command center and a satellite uplink center is spawned near the area of the initial trucks of the spectator.
  • The initial truck is removed for spectators.
  • All players automatically report every research they completed to spectators. They also report their power level every time a research is completed.

How to use:[]

All players are supposed to load this mod before starting the game. The mod is considered to be a "skirmish mod" (not "global mod" or "campaing mod").

On 2.3.9: the mod reacts on players that only start whit one initial truck (even tough a few buildings are allowed).

On 3.1: the mod will work on any map where players have a pre-placed satellite uplink centres.