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Scavengers are roving bands of survivors from the Collapse. Compared to the more advanced factions in the game such as the Project, Scavengers are at a significant technological disadvantage, with their forces comprised of poorly-trained footsoldiers, jury-rigged technicals, and makeshift defenses. In multiplayer, Scavengers serve as Warzone 2100's equivalent of Warcraft's Creeps: a minor nuisance for all players involved in a match that doesn't need to be eliminated in order to win the match.

During the campaign, it is discovered that the New Paradigm were arming the Scavengers with advanced weaponry since Project Team Alpha's arrival in the Western Sector.

Scavenger units.

Scavenger structures and defenses.


  • The Scavengers appear to be based on the Marauders from the Mad Max series.