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The NRS mod allows you to start researching any weapons line, it gives more bodies for tanks and much more changes. The mod was made by Iluvalar, a user of the forum of

Changes in weapons[]

New weapons for flamers line.

Two new weapons for lasers line.

The rail gun line doesn't have cannons as a prerequisite, and there are some weaker and cheaper weapons of the rail gun line, wich you get at the start of the rail gun line.

The bunker-blaster is separated of the rockets line, and it has new upgrades.

The archangels, ripples and MRAs are in a new weapon line, whit more new weapons.

The flak cannon AA is separeted of the cannons line, it is in the AA weapons line now.


Whit the mod, the players that don't have a team can choose a faction, if they don't, they will get the default faction. For choosing a faction, you have to write in the chat (when the game already started, and before 2:00) one of these words:

  • "gl" - You get a engineering upgrade.
  • "hf" - You get a factory production upgrade.
  • "all one" - You research faster.
  • "u2" - You produce power faster.
  • "thx" - You get all the engine upgrades(so researching the engine upgrades is useless).
  • "cu" - You get sensor upgrades.
  • "no cheat" - You get wall upgrades.
  • "lol" - More HP for your units. This is the default faction.
  • "no need" - Merit bonus when you win.

New structures[]

  • The mod allows you to build a bank. It gives money at the start of the game, and that monet you pay it later.
  • Nuclear reactor--->Solar plant. They produce extra power, without using oil derricks.
  • Virus accounting radio tower. It reduces the power by 50% of all players, including you.
  • Parks. They are expensive, but after around 12 minutes they start producing lot of power.

There are lot of new research labs: [incomplete]

The mod only works in 2.3.9.[]