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For the research item of the same name, see Machinegun (Research)

The machinegun is the earliest possible weapon in Warzone 2100. Players start with this already researched in singleplayer, and can research it almost instantly from the start of a multiplayer/skirmish match.

In-game description
New Weapon Turret Available
7.62mm machinegun
Best Targets: Infantry, base structures, wheeled vehicles
Body Points: Low
Multiplayer Stats (as of v3.1 beta 7)

Internal Name:




Weight: 200
HP: 75
Designable: Yes
Requires: Machinegun
Made Obsolete By: Assault Gun

Base Damage:


ROF: 1 round every .5 seconds (120 shots-per-minute)
DPS: 20 (-2 per armor point)
Damage Type: Anti-personnel
Damage Class: Kinetic
Projectile Movement Type: Direct
Targets: Ground & Air
Fire-on-Move: Yes
Weapon Line: Machineguns

Range (Long):


Accuracy (Long): 50%
Range (Short): 4
Accuracy (Short): 75%
Multiplayer Upgrades
Damage Upgrades
Hardened MG Bullets +25% Damage
ABDSB MG Bullets +50% Damage
APDSB MG Bullets Mk2 +75% Damage
APDSB MG Bullets Mk3 +100% Damage
Tungsten-Tipped MG Bullets +125% Damage
Tungsten-Tipped MG Bullets Mk2 +150% Damage
Tungsten-Tipped MG Bullets Mk3 +175% Damage
Depleted Uranium MG Bullets +200% Damage
Rate-of-Fire Upgrades
Chaingun Upgrade -15% Reload Time (+18% ROF)
Rapid Fire Chaingun Upgrade -30% Reload Time (+43% ROF)
Hyper Fire Chaingun Upgrade -45% Reload Time (+82% ROF)