The Light Cannon on a Viper Hover body

The Light Cannon is the first available weapon to players in Multiplayer mode.It is also discovered as a artifact (among the weapon Flamer) when you destroy some Scavenger Bases in the first mission.

Tips and some Tricks.Edit

While pretty much weak at the start of the game,researching it will make it stronger.Note worthy example: 2 tanks with the Light Cannon that is fully researched are better than 10 tanks that are not or lowly researched.It has some body points,but remember,it is only a starting weapon and you shouldn't probably try rushing it in Multiplayer,because your enemy can make tanks that will counter them.

Overall SummaryEdit

It is a good weapon in the right hands,as it can blow everything up if somebody is a tank hoarder.However,DO NOT count on it if it was a almighty weapon,it comes obsolete over time,when the heavier tanks push in.