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For the research item of the same name, see Heavy Machinegun (Research)

The Heavy Machinegun is a more powerful version of the Machinegun, available once a player has researched both Twin Machinegun and APDSB MG Bullets Mk2.

In-game description
New Weapon Turret Available
.50-calibre heavy machinegun
Best Targets: Infantry, base structures, wheeled vehicles
Body Points: Medium
Multiplayer Stats (as of v3.1 beta 7)

Internal Name:




Weight: 600
HP: 150
Designable: Yes
Requires: Heavy Machinegun
Made Obsolete By: Assault Gun

Base Damage:


ROF: 1 round every .7 seconds (85.714 shots-per-minute)
DPS: 25.714 (-1.429 per armor point)
Damage Type: Anti-personnel
Damage Class: Kinetic
Projectile Movement Type: Direct
Targets: Ground & Air
Fire-on-Move: Yes
Weapon Line: Machineguns

Range (Long):


Accuracy (Long): 50%
Range (Short): 5
Accuracy (Short): 75%
Used by:

Machinegun Guard Tower

Heavy Machinegun Hardpoint

Machinegun Bunker

Multiplayer Upgrades
Damage Upgrades
Hardened MG Bullets +25% Damage
ABDSB MG Bullets +50% Damage
APDSB MG Bullets Mk2 +75% Damage
APDSB MG Bullets Mk3 +100% Damage
Tungsten-Tipped MG Bullets +125% Damage
Tungsten-Tipped MG Bullets Mk2 +150% Damage
Tungsten-Tipped MG Bullets Mk3 +175% Damage
Depleted Uranium MG Bullets +200% Damage
Rate-of-Fire Upgrades
Chaingun Upgrade -15% Reload Time (+18% ROF)
Rapid Fire Chaingun Upgrade -30% Reload Time (+43% ROF)
Hyper Fire Chaingun Upgrade -45% Reload Time (+82% ROF)