Wikizone 2100 Wiki
How are hardpoints made.Note the weaponless hardpoints

the hardpoint is a building that is made when merged with a wall.It is more expensive,but more sturdier than Tank Traps,and it can hold off the enemy for some time. hardpoints can be made with many different weapons on top, ranging from Lancer AT rockets to Heavy machineguns.


ALWAYS build hardpoints with mounted weapons.Not only it will strenghten your defence,but it may just save your base from destruction.Build in layers,but be aware: it IS time and energy consuming.

Overall Summary[]

It is a very good defence building,but it is both power and time consuming.Can be modified with a weapon that may just save your base from destruction,so i personally recommend it.However,use it with various artillery so you can make just that one kill that can decide your fate in multiplayer.