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The mighty Gauss Drive Fortress in its best.

This ultimate weapon is very (VERY) destructive when encountered.With a supreme turret,a ability to mass destroy,and health,with the 3 other fortresses,it is almost impenetrable.Of course,it costs a LOT of power.But it makes up for that.

Tips and some Tricks of the Trade.[]

It is VERY powerful,almost impenetrable and deadly to any unprepared foe.But its weakness are the VTOL-s because,if enough,they can still destroy it,which will cost you a LOT.But,when it comes to tanks,it is the enemy tankman's worst nightmare,as the blast radius can destroy multiple vehicles!The cannon of the Fortress can be obtained by using a GIVEALL cheat,but it will ruin the game for everybody.

Overall Summary[]

One of the best 4 fortresses in game (they are all good,but not equally),with the ability to destroy enemies like swiss cheese,and expensive,one of the best weapons in game.The deadliest foe of this death dealing machine are the VTOL-s,but if it is defended with good weapons,it can be your best instrument of the war.Health is not a thing to worry about,because most of the enemy tanks won't be able to reach it before they are destroyed.Use with caution!