The tanks are the stronger and slower units. They resist very well against flamers. The tanks can only be transported in the super transport. If you use hover propulsion for your tanks, they can go faster than the cyborgs.

There are 4 propulsions for tanks:

The best propulsion and bodies for fighting against flamers are:

  • Tracks-Mantis
  • Tracks-Vengeance
  • Tracks-Wyvern
  • Tracks-Dragon


Cyborgs are faster and weaker than the tanks. Cyborgs can be transported in any type of transport. They can't be designed as the tanks or VTOLs and they only have two bodies.

Cyborg templates.


Vertical Take Off and Landing Propulsion. The VTOLs are weak but very fast. They have a special type of weapons: the bombs. They can use almost all weapons of the tanks.


There are two types of transports:

  1. The super transport, that can carry any type of unit. It is the strongest unit of wz.
  2. The cyborgs transport. It is strong, but not as the super transport.

VTOLs and transports have to be produced in a VTOL factory.

Scavenger unitsEdit

Scavenger units are cheap, weak and fast. Only the scavengers can make them, players can't.

  1. Bus
  2. Fire truck
  3. Jeep
  4. Soldier
  5. Buggy
  6. Trike
  7. Crane (Only available whit the Ultimate Scavengers AI Mod ) It can build defenses, scavenger structures and oil derricks.
  8. Tractor (Only available whit the Ultimate Scavengers AI Mod )
  9. Truck (Only available whit the Ultimate Scavengers AI Mod. This unit isn't for building).
  10. Helicopter (Only available whit the Ultimate Scavengers AI Mod )

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