The following pages describe various kinds of structures in-game.

Scavenger structuresEdit

Only available for scavengers, players can't build them without mods. The scavenger structures can't be upgraded in any way.

  • Scavenger factory
  • Scavenger power generator
  • Scavenger VTOL factory (Only available whit the Ultimate Scavengers AI Mod)
  • Scavenger repair facility (Only available whit the Ultimate Scavengers AI Mod)
  • Look-out tower

Base structuresEdit

Structures that any player can build without using mods.

Wz2100-20120710 085704-Hill of scavs v1-T1

A screenshot of a base.


All types of defenses, except scavenger defenses.

  • Bunkers
  • Towers
  • Tank traps
  • Walls, gates and walls whit weapons
  • Fortress
  • Pits
  • Emplacements
  • AA site
  • Sensors

The Collective and NEXUS have special walls and towers. More information:

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