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Project units attacking a Scavenger base.

The second mission of the Alpha campaign is slightly more challenging than the first. Be prepared for more frequent and determined Scavenger attacks from the southern valley and the plateau that forms the southern ridge of your cul-de-sac. Scavenger forces on this ridge can attack any units and structures within reach of their weapons.

Mission Overview[]

The objective hasn't changed from your previous mission. After securely establishing your base in the cul-de-sac and clearing the northern Scavenger camps, you'll find yourself under attack by Scavengers from the south. Build up a force capable of taking on more numerous Scavenger units with better weapons. On the southern end of the small open area to the immediate east of your cul-de-sac in a bottleneck valley through which any force must pass. It's a great chokepoint for defense as it funnels units into a killing field. Be cautious, as this tactic can work both ways.

Immediately to the west of this bottleneck is the third Scavenger camp you'll encounter in the immediate area. It will be on par with other Scavenger bases, having a Vehicle Factory and a Power Generator surrounded by a wall with guard towers. Eliminate it and fight through the bunkers guarding the hill to the immediate south; take the hill and destroy the Sensor Tower at the peak. Claim the artifact that it leaves behind and research the Sensor Turret for your own use. After this is accomplished, descend the hill and fight through the scrap village to the immediate west.

A Scavenger force consisting of several infantry and at least two vehicles will be waiting in ambush for any intruders, and will open fire on any units that approach. There is no way to skirt around them, but they're easily defeated; do so and fight through the bunkers, fire truck and flamethrower tower up the land ramp to the plateau overlooking your base from the south. On this plateau will be the second Scavenger base, where all the units harassing your base from the ridge originate. Destroy it and clear the plateau to secure your base's southern perimeter.

Now it's time to clear the immediate area of Scavenger activity. Head to the southern edge of the map and attack the small hill there, at whose top is the most heavily defended Scavenger base in the vicinity. A substantial defense will be waiting for you, so be prepared for a determined fight and build up a force of no fewer than half a dozen combat and two support vehicles.

Approaching from the west will send any attack into the teeth of a substantial mobile force consisting of at least a dozen infantry and several vehicles flanked by three bunkers and two guard towers. Don't try to take on everything at once or you'll lose all of your units and their collective experience; instead, engage each layer successively: Mobile force first, bunkers second, towers third. Keep the support units of your attack force to the rear while the combat units engage the Scavenger defenses.

Coming from the north will take any attack force past a small collection of scrap huts where at least ten Scavenger infantry will be lying in ambush and attack from the flank as you go by. To prevent them from attacking your rear, send your combat units into the village and clear it. Once that's done and you reach the Scavenger base, swing wide to the east and gather your force to let any damaged units be repaired before moving in. Be cautious: Attacking from this direction will bring the mobile defense down on your flank and can result in substantial damage to your units, so come from an angle that will allow your units to systematically break down the defenses and defend themselves with as few losses as possible. This is only the start and there's a lot of fighting ahead.

Recoverable Technology[]

Sensor Turret: Has twice the normal unit sensor range. Can be used to target units, structures and obstructions for artillery.

Twin Machine Gun: Double the firepower, double the fun.

Flamethrower Autoloader: Reduces flamethrower reload time my 10%.

High-Temperature Flame Gel Mk 1: Increases flamethrower damage output by 10%.

High-Temperature Flame Gel Mk 2: Increases flamethrower damage output by 15%.

High-Temperature Flame Gel Mk 3: Increases flamethrower damage output by 20%.

Sensor Tower: Illuminates a large area. Can be used to target enemy units for artillery. Place on high terrain for most effective use.

Power Generator Module: Increases power production speed by 25%.