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Vipers attacking a Scavenger oil derrick.

This first mission of the Alpha campaign is the easiest in the game. But that being said, it can also be rather frustrating for first-time players or those unfamiliar with RTS games, as structures that support the war effort take time to build and there is no way to repair damaged units.

Mission Overview[]

The objective of this mission is about as straightforward as it gets: Establish a forward base and use it as a springboard to search for pre-Collapse technology to begin the rebuilding of human civilization. To do that, you'll need to explore the surrounding area for anything that might have survived the nuclear strikes fifteen years ago. This is one of the most irradiated zones in the North America, and only the local Scavenger clans have found ways to make the drastically altered landscape work in their favor. They have established several camps nearby and possess advanced technology that the Project needs in order to support and begin the reconstruction effort.

Almost immediately after beginning you'll come under attack by Scavenger raiders, who will periodically approach with improvised combat vehicles and infantry in an effort to remove you from the area. Use your four Combat Cars to defend against these raids and your three Construction Trucks to begin building your base. You'll have 1,300 Oil in reserve, but everything has a price and that supply can run out fast if you're not careful. The area you start in has a source of underground oil, so immediately start by placing an Oil Derrick there. Now you'll need a power supply to operate it, so build a Power Generator next. Then build a Factory to begin growing your army, a Research Facility to develop all the tech you'll find and a Command Center to bring the radar map and vehicle designer online.

Once the basics are in place and you've started building up your force, go out into the wasteland and hunt down the Scavengers who attacked you on arrival. You'll find them in a path to the immediate north of your base and guarding another underground source and an artifact with an Attack Trike, several Raider Infantry and a few Guard Towers; destroy the scavenger base and claim the resource and the technology. You'll unlock upgrades for the MG, the only weapon you have. After destroying the first scavenger base, The scavengers will begin attacking in waves directly to your base. Make sure you have some spare Viper Wheels Machine Guns!

Further north through a bottleneck there will be an open area with another Scavenger base, this one is more heavily defended than the first tiny outpost. A fragile brick wall with Guard Towers at its corners protects a Factory, a Power Generator and a third Oil Derrick; repeat the previous action from before and claim this resource and any artifacts found in the Scavengers' possession, You will get the Flamer. High DMG, Effective to low thermal defense chassis but long reload time.

To the east north through a surprisingly well defended fork valley is another Scavenger establishment, this one a proper base as far as Scavengers go that's protected by both static and mobile defenses. This one can be challenging in the early game, especially if attacking with units damaged in previous battles. Eliminate it and claim any artifacts found, You get the earliest stationary defenses, HMG Tower and Tank Traps.

Immediately to the south of this is the final Scavenger location in this area. Here they have the usual defenses protecting a Research Facility that looks suspiciously similar to yours that contains advanced repairing / engineering technology and decidedly beyond anything they could have developed on their own. You know the drill by now.

Recoverable Technology[]

The items recovered in this mission are only the tip of the technological iceberg, but can be extremely effective if used properly. Most of it will become obsolete very quickly as you progress through the campaigns.

Hardened MG Rounds: Neither soft lead nor brittle iron, these rounds consist of a shaped projectile made of a steel-tungsten composite that can penetrate any light armor. Most effective on small, fast vehicles and towers. +10% damage to all Machine Gun weapons.

APDS Rounds Mk 1: Armor-piercing discharging sabot rounds are the pinnacle of small arms ammunition, causing increased damage to all targets. Most effective on small, fast vehicles and towers. +15% damage to all Machine Gun weapons.

APDS Rounds Mk 2: Armor-piercing discharging sabot rounds are the pinnacle of small arms ammunition, causing increased damage to all targets. Most effective on small, fast vehicles and towers. +20% damage to all Machine Gun weapons.

Flamer: A deadly short-range weapon that fires blasts of superheated thermal gel. Extremely effective against light armor, structures and cyborgs. Causes 7 points of thermal damage per second for 5 seconds.

Heavy Machine Gun Tower: Static defense structure armed with a heavy machine gun. Excellent "last ditch" defense within the confines of a base. Causes 29 points of damage per round.

Advanced Engineering: Enhanced construction beam projector. Decreases build time. +10% build speed for all construction units.

Tank Trap: Static defense structure. Excellent for funneling enemy units into presighted "attack zones."

Repair Turret: Allows for the design and construction of mobile repair vehicles. Invaluable in any battle. Repairs 5% damage per second. Cannot repair the parent vehicle, However can heal other repair turreted tanks